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From Gamers to Contributors: Tilted Marketplaces and Royalties

The gaming industry has witnessed exponential growth over the years, with blockbuster titles becoming cultural phenomena. However, there’s a significant challenge that developers face – the immense cost and time required to create these games. Game development is a lengthy and resource-intensive process, with publishers front-loading substantial investments. To address this issue, a novel solution […]

Balancing Act: The Economics of Diversified Monetization in Games

The gaming industry has evolved rapidly over the past few decades, transforming from a niche hobby into a multi-billion-dollar global entertainment powerhouse. However, with the ever-increasing complexity and production costs of modern video games, developers and publishers are faced with a significant financial challenge. It can take several years and substantial initial investments to create […]

From Launch to Legend: The Game Producer’s Journey

In an industry where new games are constantly vying for the spotlight, game producers face an ongoing challenge: how to push their creations into the limelight and keep them relevant throughout their lifecycle. The solution lies in embracing a diverse array of strategies that not only attract gamers but also cultivate passionate and engaged player […]