On Launchpad Radio # 7, Sarah Austin spent a fascinating hour learning about the Game of Silks from their CEO, Dan Nissanoff. Here is our recap on this incredible project:

The gaming industry has started moving from individual games to more community-based ones, with deliberate scarcity to simulate real-world experience. In this world of the Play-to-Earn model of gaming, a player can receive rewards with monetizable value. Game of Silks is an NFT-based horse racing game that leverages real-world thoroughbred racehorses and their respective pertinent racing data points to create an innovative metaverse experience. In doing so, it provides a mixed reality platform where anyone can participate in real thoroughbred ownership in addition to its emotional and financial rewards. The brilliance behind Game of Silks entails selling each year’s crop of 1-year-old U.S. thoroughbred racehorses (also known as “yearlings”) as NFT’s so that users can purchase their derivative digital clone, hence forming a parallel virtual universe that’s linked to real racehorses, real bloodlines, and real racing data.

Silks Avatars are the first NFT offering from the game and will serve an essential purpose within the Silks ecosystem. Game of Silks CEO, Dan Nissanoff, explains how in real life “Racing silks are unique uniforms that the jockey wears to identify the ownership of the actual horse he’s riding.” The first drop of the game will be a collection of 10,000 3D animated Silks Avatars that each come with their own distinct colors and features to represent a player’s unique identity and the ownership of their assets in the Silks metaverse. Notably, for a user to be eligible to buy a Silks Horse NFT, they must first own a Silks Avatar. Another entry point of the game is participating as a landowner or horse farm developer as both land and stables are two additional NFT collectibles that exist within the virtual realm of the Silks Metaverse.

Game of Silks is building its community as a DAO which consists of two tokens: a governance token, $SLK, and a transactional token, $STT. Silks players will earn $STT when their real-world thoroughbred wins races or breeds. Miners and contributors to the Silks ecosystem will be rewarded with $SLK and therefore own a piece of the Silks DAO.Game of Silks is bringing a differentiated approach to the NFT gaming space. CEO Dan Nissanoff emphasizes that “Our entire game is driven off real-world data which makes us really unique, and this derivative nature creates enormous value, utility, and longevity for the investment you make when you buy these NFTs.”

This Play To Earn model is one of the most innovative that we’ve come across lately and we believe that it will set a standard for future Metaverse projects that want to leverage real-world data to engage their users and influence their mechanics. We look forward to the success of Game of Silks. Follow them at @gameofsilks on Twitter.

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