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World-Renown Sculptor and Digital Illustrator Emre Yusufi To Launch a Much-Awaited NFT Collection, The Mighty Hercules

The Mighty Hercules NFT collection is being launched by world-renown contemporary artist, Emre Yusufi, in collaboration with Studio Bigger, the Pixar of the Middle East and AAA metaverse development studio. Emre Yusufi is a well-known name in the art community worldwide. Emre is a globally established contemporary sculptor and digital illustrator. He is a graduate […]

QGlobe DAO: An NFT Investment Club

Investment clubs have been around for decades. Historically, members would meet in person to share, discuss, and make investments together. But a lot has changed since then — people around the world now organize and collaborate on the internet as the previous business model has been rendered slow, difficult to run and expensive to maintain and create. […]

Pioneering Smart NFTs for Longevity and Utility in Metaverse Projects

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, have the potential to revolutionize the way artists, musicians, and game developers distribute content. NFTs differ from traditional blockchain assets like bitcoin because each NFT is individually unique, rare, and authentic. Smart NFTs build on this concept by adding properties like time-based access, for example, which makes them upgradeable and even […]

Global NFT Market Surpassed US$40 Billion in 2021

Last 2021, NFTs exploded in popularity when celebrities, singers, and other well-known personalities like Paris Hilton, Steve Aoki, Shawn Mendes, Jimmy Fallon, Justin Bieber, and Steph Curry joined the NFT bandwagon. According to a new estimate from blockchain analytics Chainalysis Inc., two types of Ethereum smart contracts associated with NFT marketplaces and collections from early […]

What NFTs Are Worth Picking On The NFT Marketplace?

The NFT market activity has increased dramatically this year. As NFTs continue to grow in popularity, people are now seeing them as the latest investment trend in 2021. Artists are now rejoicing as they’ve found a quicker way to monetize their works and get the recognition they deserve. And at the same time, fans and […]

Why Do NFTs Have Value? Why Are Some Worth Millions?

Non-fungible tokens have made mainstream headlines and caught the attention of artists and investors lately, much like the ICO craze in 2017. And when we say artists, we mean all kinds of artists, from musicians, authors, filmmakers, digital artists, and so on. If 2017 was the year of ICOs, 2021 is definitely the year of […]