Kiesza performing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”

Platinum selling dance music artist Kiesza hits the stage today on the Ellen DeGeneres show, performing with characters from her upcoming NFT project, The Milkyway Pirates. In the episode, Kiesza and Ellen discover their mutual passion for mountain gorilla conservation, and Kiesza talks about her comeback from a near-fatal car crash in 2017, as well as the release of her new EP, “Tommy.”

It was the struggles she faced during her recovery period that led Kiesza to discover the NFT community, where she saw the potential to make change, express creatively without limitation, and empower independent musicians. She connected with renowned 3D animation fine artist, Luke Didlo, over mutual admiration for each other’s work and their passion for storytelling. Together they joined the QGlobe accelerator program to create The Milkyway Pirates.

The story of the band begins when humanity accidentally connects with this furry alien species called Fooboos in a galaxy lightyears away, the Fooboos are introduced to music for the first time. Four passionate Fooboos loved music so much that they formed Vanilla is Black, the first Fooboo band on their planet, Udu Guloo.

The Milkyway Pirates is a generative NFT project containing a built in mystery that unfolds on the @MilkyWayPirates twitter account, and in Kiesza’s new discord community launching today.Included in this NFT drop is a ticket to outer space in 2023. One lucky NFT minter will win a spot for a first-of-its-kind space tourism mission, alongside Kiesza, a legendary artist, and an EDM superstar, soon to be announced. To be the first to know when Kiesza mints her NFTs join the presale list now!

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