Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, have the potential to revolutionize the way artists, musicians, and game developers distribute content. NFTs differ from traditional blockchain assets like bitcoin because each NFT is individually unique, rare, and authentic. Smart NFTs build on this concept by adding properties like time-based access, for example, which makes them upgradeable and even able to infuse it with other assets. Smart NFTs can be multi-layered as an NFT composed of various utility-based NFTs that enhance its utility in a P2E metaverse scenario. Smart NFTs will enable developers to ignore the technical limits imposed by legacy platforms and deliver next-generation digital economies to the gaming industry.

Smart NFTs are created with unique NFT metadata that allows software developers to ensure the core characteristics of their assets evolve over time without compromising trust between creators and users. QGlobe is emerging as a pioneer in launching Smart NFTs and flexible out of the box projects. Apollo Green, CEO of QGlobe comments, “At QGlobe we stuck our flag in the ground to spearhead this development for metaverse gaming so we can be the launchpad for all of these blue-chip projects and top tier brands.”

NFT projects should focus on their longevity and look at their smart contracts and see if the metadata is upgradeable and add the smart NFT feature in their roadmap to make their project more desirable and exclusive. In terms of efficiency, smart NFTs elevate the design process as well as shift the focus on the future of the project’s in-game assets and their availability in a single or across multiple metaverse protocols; basically, the intricacies of the design are laid out from the get-go. A prime example is the Mighty Hercules NFT, which is not only bridging traditional and digital art, but is keeping the future of its project in sight, and focusing on longevity by designing Smart NFT metadata that covers all its bases for a future metaverse pivot. 

The most important aspect to consider is that the perpetuity and efficiency of web3 depends on communities having the technologies that preserve the current communal spirit of web3 to protect it from centralized corporate interest manipulation which will influx into the space in the near future. QGlobe CEO, Apollo Green commented that “When the big guys come, we as a community, have to be prepared with decentralized technology and sharpen our skills and be ready and unite as one community.”

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