Investment clubs have been around for decades. Historically, members would meet in person to share, discuss, and make investments together. But a lot has changed since then — people around the world now organize and collaborate on the internet as the previous business model has been rendered slow, difficult to run and expensive to maintain and create. Investment Clubs are groups of people who pool their capital to invest together — to share ideas, learn together, increase buying power, share risk, and reduce transaction costs. They invest in stocks, bonds, real estate, art, and collectibles — and these days, startups, digital asset tokens, and NFTs.

Investment Clubs have been an exclusive tool for those who could afford expensive SaaS and service providers, but with the advent of the technological revolution, specifically spearheaded by the Ethereum network, and as of late, dubbed “web3” communities can now create and run an investment Club as a DAO as easily as starting a group chat. Web3 Investment Clubs can invest in tokens and NFTs — as well as off-chain startups and assets. Virtually anyone can launch and run an Investment Club as a DAO in 100x less the time and cost of an investment vehicle built on today’s TradFi and web2 platforms. Think of opening up a DAO as time efficient as starting a business with Stripe Atlas, the quickest way to incorporate, get an EIN tax ID and start making and accepting payments in as little as 15 minutes.

DAOs are trending these days at it seems that every startup wants to explore the new new. We can expect many more DAOs as the community continues to grow. The QGlobe DAO is organized and run on the QGlobe Discord channel, and anyone who wants to contribute to the project can join the community, validate their contributions in a decentralized and transparent way, and get paid in cryptocurrency for their work. As an initial contributor, it does take some effort to onboard into a DAO such as QGlobe where the process includes acclimation, listening, and autonomous navigation within a community that’s passionate about investing in impactfull DeFi games, and NFTs.

The QGlobe Investment Club enables anyone to share investment risk as well as ideas and market strategy. Often times the initial community that backs a DAO converts a percentage into DAO contributors who not only invest their crypto, but also their time in exchange for DAO digital asset tokens.

DAOs can be semi-informal groups that don’t charge members for participating and depending on the value of contribution, members of the DAO get paid for their contributions. The group manages the investment collectively, like a club. QGlobe has put the right set of tools together to run them in a way that works for blockchain natives. They offer a modest 31.5% ROI track record for retail and investos can achieve 350%+ with a 5 year lock up depending on their risk appetite, numbers that far outperform that of traditional DeFi offerings like Curve finance at 41.5% APR on a 4 year lock up.

Affiliate presale investors, also known as strong holders in the web3 community, are able to achieve the best returns because they’re on presale lists and are able to purchase at a discount ahead of a public sale. Although the core primitive for Investment Clubs in this era is the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), as advanced as that idea is, the tooling is very makeshift at the moment and structuring your DAO just right is worth the research and planning in advance.

QGlobe designs the infrastructure for a flexible club for users depending on their specific situations and tolerance for legal ambiguities allowing investors to achieve liquidity with vesting schedules that are in the best interest of decentralization and longevity for the overall success of projects. Certain guidelines exist for accredited and non-accredited users as well as DAOs that have members in the United States. QGlobe’s suite of smart contracts can walk users through the process of formalizing their club with a legal entity and handling things like setting up a bank account and getting tax forms to ensure safety and transparency for all.

QGlobe is looking to position itself at the center of the DAO infrastructure ecosystem and get as many curious users familiar with their offerings as possible. If you’re interested in learning more, enter your email here to get the brochure on how to start as either a contributor or as an accredited investor.