QGlobe being the launchpad for web3 projects is always looking for versatile projects to add to its portfolio and collaborate with projects with an avant-garde and contemporary vision. This is the intention behind QGlobe x EARNFT collaboration in partnership with Binance NFTs curated marketplace. QGlobe is a perfect partner for partner with a versatile EARNFT project as it connects highly anticipated blockchain projects with an established community for crowdsourced funding, community building, and marketing.

EARNFT is a unique project selling 11,111 NFT’s of 6 different rarity tiers during 4 different sale stages. The first ecosystem that interconnects billions of Web2 users worldwide to Web3 rewards. The token $EARNFT is a universal rewards currency. They make it easy for platforms to integrate for free in order to participate in gamified web3 rewards. The user interface becomes easier to use for everyday people because they’re already talking and texting on their phones so switching to an NFT phone becomes an easy first step to onboard new users to web3. The goal of the EARNFT project will enable people to find new ways to earn additional gamified rewards by doing the things they already do through connected web2 platforms. Their NFT collections enable more affluent crypto native audiences to earn a portion of the rewards created by billions of these everyday users.

It is a first on its kind fully refundable NFT project that adds an extra layer of trust among its patrons and community. EARNFT has collaborated with several Alpha Groups, communities, and developing partnerships with Yuga Labs’ products Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and Cryptopunks, as well as CyberKongs, Cool Cats, and Doodles for the NFT artwork as part of Bluechip Collection launches. These collaborations are integrated with their 6 rarity tiers as each rarity plan comes with an actual phone wallet and display case depending on your plan. This real-life phone is a custom, collectible art piece with an accompanying NFT representing the world’s first web3 phone. These Bluechip phones represent the evolution of smartphones, transforming from their web2 origins to the emerging web3 metaverse. These exclusive features make EARNFT the first ecosystem that interconnects billions of web2 users worldwide to web3 rewards.

EARNFT employs both in-house engineers and third-party companies that specialize in certain aspects of the roadmap, to develop their products. The 100+ employees of EARNFT are working full time in-house with junior and senior level engineers including those with special experience in blockchain including the startups CTO and cofounder. This makes a strong team and in collaboration with the expertise of QGlobe as a high-end launchpad. This project is ready to take wings as its token conversion process begins. $CRNC tokens locked in conversion contract will be released evenly every day as $EARNFT tokens for a nine-month period. $CRNC holders who lock tokens can earn additional incentives and rewards.

With the help of its highly skilled, multi-faceted team that offers an array of services from marketing to business development, engineering, advisory, key industry opinion leaders, and token economics, QGlobe is set to take this partnership to the next level. More over, by connecting web3 developers, engineers and architects with community investors, industry experts, financial institutions, venture capital firms and financial partners QQlobe will provide tailored services to EARNFT and give them a platform to embark on their web3 endeavors.