QGlobe is a launchpad for web3 NFT projects and is rapidly making its mark in the industry, as evident by their immense traction. QGlobe, initially founded as a marketplace for game developers and investors, is now robustly assisting creators and developers to fund their web3 projects. QGlobe is on its way to spearhead matifying gaming and metaverse projects to launch bluechip projects and top tier brands with the help of its highly skilled, multi-faceted team that offers an array of services from smart NFTs, marketing, business development, and token economists.

Moreover, they’re connecting web3 developers, engineers and architects with community investors, industry experts, token economists, venture capital firms and financial partners to gives these communities a platform to embark on their web3 investments. QGlobe is not just launching noteworthy projects but focusing on their longevity by adding smart contracts and ensuring that metadata is upgradeable to add Smart NFT features to their roadmaps, that in turn makes the project more desirable and exclusive. QGlobe also brings game development studios into the mix so that once the project has the smart NFT they can upgrade the NFT utility easily to a game providing the opportunity to monetize with IGOs, initial game offerings.

A prime example is the Mighty Hercules NFT project that has partnered up with QGlobe, which is not only bridging traditional and digital art, but is keeping the future of its project in sight, and focusing on longevity by designing Smart NFT metadata that covers all its bases for a future metaverse pivots and QGlobe is enabling it to do so by providing the perfect platform to the fine art project.

The Mighty Hercules NFT project is a 10,050 piece generative collection that bridges the physical fine art of world-renowned Turkish sculptor, Emre Yusufi, into the metaverse. Emre is a globally established contemporary sculptor and digital illustrator. The Turkish artist is famous for his spectacular ability to create visually impressive and theatrically bold art pieces and his art has been displayed in museums, airports, parks, and different exhibitions worldwide. His Hercules series represents a traditional statue of Hercules accomplishing multitudes of modern activities and human tasks. For example, Divine Selfie shows a contemporary twist and even went viral when he debuted the Hercules statue holding up a selfie stick.Through his hyper-realistic sculptures of the ancient figure, Emre has stunned the audience with his striking and playful depiction of heroism and masculine glory.

Emre has been making modern statues of Hercules for the past 10 years. Emre and Studio Bigger teamed up to turn his statues into a generative NFT collection, bridging the gap between the physical and the digital. Emre Yusufi and Studiobigger’s collaboration has given birth to the Mighty Hercules Mightyverse, MightyVerse, a Metaverse game where avatars battle for the ultimate prize, and make new friends by connecting with other microverses by way of portals.

As per creator Emre Yusufi, “For me NFT is a way to build digital bridges to my physical world. It’s a new form of showing my design approach. I always believed and loved the power of 3D and with NFTs I give movement to static sculptures. Now static has become dynamic and this gives me joy.”

QGlobe x Might Hercules is destined to venture into an unprecedented and novel project and with the unique artistic elements the Studiobigger and Emre Yusufi brings combined with industrial game and Smart NFT expertise of the QGlobe team hailing from blockchain and web3 developers previously at Google, Apple, Oracle, SAP, notable Silicon Valley VC offices, and even some with excellent track records in web3 to date from Sythetix, Kava, and Band to name a few. QGlobe possesses ample ability and expertise to grow and develop this project into a success.