The QGlobe ecosystem and launchpad for NFT startups aids in the network effect with financial inclusion through decentralization. QGlobe develops strong community for its tokenized projects, bringing in diversity to the userbase and seed stage crowdfunding, a key feature of paramount importance for every NFT startup. This community can be a part of the project’s success in the long run.

IGO or Initial Game Offerings launched by QGlobe’s marketplace on is a novel way for investors to fund the NFT’s and other metaverse projects, and provide greater exposure to a larger userbase. For this purpose, QGlobe is building a robust industry leading investment platform to ensure early stage startups have a stronger support base where every investor is committed to the long term success of the projects. NFT seed sales, are made available to active users holding QGlobe Token. It is applied as a fundraising mechanism where eligible investors are chosen based on their on-chain activities and other proprietary data sets. Notably, a diamond hands seed sale framework enables a project to attract funding from individuals who are holders of a given cryptocurrency, who will contribute to the project DAO, and who will be the first users of the product.

To join QGlobe’s seed sales, users are required to stake a minimum of QGlobe Token. In order to receive all vested tokens, users are required to retain their stake for the whole duration of the vesting period. Users have a limited window to retake their tokens in case they want to change or prolong their staking duration without losing their vested allocations. QGlobe seed sale frameworks generally benefits not only the NFT art, entertainment or blockchain game project but primarily investors who have “strong hands,” or those who can hold on to a coin for extended periods of time. QGlobe incentivizes investors with strong hands by choosing them as participants of a diamond hands seed sale while also offering them protection.

QGlobe believes that this crowdfunding model also allows participants to seek refunds should they want to withdraw. In doing so, only a few startups can offer the service in 12 months, which means that only projects that can stick to their roadmap would dare to apply, consequently discouraging scammers and low-quality startups.

QGlobe is of the view that these days crypto needs to be more than just allowing retail investors venture yield for their crowdfunding, an often overlooked element of DeFi. QGlobe believes it’s less about competing with Aave, Celsius, Compound and others for existing DeFi users and more about onboarding the next 100 million users into crypto. It’s also important to remember that it’s not all about gains, but about making an impact through financial inclusion.

Crypto diamond hands and NFT Presale participation is growing rapidly, but the stats show venture yields from seed sales and NFT Presales combined are significantly higher. This is why seed sale and presale technology followed by QGlobe is the new exciting growth tool that requires no integration because NFTs are burned into sales. QGlobe gives that the blockchain community what it wants.

QGlobe ensures that only high-quality projects or startups will be able to avail this service by making sure that projects undergo a series of assessments before they are qualified for an NFT sale, and an NFT IGO sale to vet projects and create the most curated and desirable NFTs.