QGlobe Games has introduced a revolutionary token economy model that offers unique selling points to its users. The distinctive features of QGlobe Games’ token economy contributes to the platform’s long term success.

Firstly, QGlobe Games has developed a Super App titled “Tilted” that is specifically designed to nurture and grow the gaming community. Super Apps have gained significant popularity, as seen with WeChat and Grab, due to their comprehensive and convenient features. Tilted aims to replicate their success by providing a centralized platform for gamers to connect, engage, and access various decentralized gaming-related services.

One of the key elements of Tilted is its livestreaming feature, which capitalizes on the immense popularity of esports and community gamefi. Esports and live streaming have become integral parts of the gaming industry, attracting a massive audience. By integrating live video streaming into Tilted, QGlobe Games creates a space for gamers to showcase their skills, interact with their audience, and build a loyal following.

Additionally, Tilted introduces shoppable content that allows users to purchase game access codes, granting them access to exclusive in-game assets such as skins or virtual currency. This feature appeals to gamers who are eager to enhance their gaming experience and customize their characters or game environments. By offering these shoppable content options, QGlobe Games establishes a unique value proposition for its users, providing them with tangible benefits for their engagement and support.

Moreover, Tilted expands its shoppable content beyond just in-game items. Users can also purchase tickets to game hacks and educational materials, such as game hacks, catering to a broader range of interests within the gaming community. This approach demonstrates QGlobe Games’ commitment to providing value beyond mere entertainment and fostering a holistic gaming experience that encompasses learning and skill development.

Another exciting aspect of Tilted’s shoppable content is the opportunity to participate in celebrity e-sports tournaments where any gamer can level up and join a community e-sports team. Regular gamers now have the chance to compete against famous celebrities in thrilling matches. By offering tickets to these exclusive events, QGlobe Games creates a unique and exciting experience for its users, bridging the gap between liesure gamers, professional gamers and their fans.

Tilted introduces gamified exclusive content, that users can access by purchasing tickets. This content covers various forms of entertainment, including but not limited to gaming, and rewards users with the platform’s Fan Token currency, the Qcoin. This gamification element adds an extra layer of fun and engagement, encouraging users to explore and earn rewards while enjoying exclusive content.

To enhance the usability and value of the Qcoin, QGlobe Games created a Fan Token that’s a utility. The Qcoin utility token serves as a digital asset that e-sports teams can accumulate and utilize within the QGlobe Games ecosystem, and fans can use to better interact with their favorite e-sports teams. For example, holders will be the first to access piority to loot boxes with game skins and prizes. QGlobe Games and its Fan Token not only strengthens the credibility and stability of the Qcoin but also opens up opportunities for users to trade or exchange their Qcoins on a renowned cryptocurrency platform while supporting their favorite e-sports teams.

Lastly, Tilted introduces flash sales for live video shoppable content, providing users with discounted prices when purchasing with QTokens. Flash sales create a sense of urgency and excitement, incentivizing users to take advantage of these limited-time offers. This feature not only benefits users by allowing them to obtain desired content at lower prices but also encourages active participation within the token economy.

QGlobe Games’ token economy model offers several unique selling points that differentiate it from other gaming platforms. With Tilted as a Super App, livestreaming, shoppable content for game access codes, celebrity e-sports tournaments, gamified exclusive content, and flash sales, QGlobe Games creates an engaging and rewarding experience for gamers. By incorporating these innovative features, QGlobe Games positions itself as a leading player in the gaming metacommerce and e-sports sectors, offering users a one-of-a-kind gaming experience that goes beyond traditional gameplay.