In this article, we will explore the advantages of blockchain-based crowdfunding platforms and how Tilted App, a live streaming social commerce app build on blockchain, offers a unique approach to crowdfunding by seamlessly combining community building, engagement, and crowdfunding through live streaming.

Traditional vs Blockchain Crowd Funding

Crowdfunding is a popular way for entrepreneurs and startups to raise capital. However, traditional crowdfunding platforms have their own set of challenges such as high fees, strict rules and regulations, lack of marketing assistance, fraudulent startups, and intellectual property risks. Blockchain-based crowdfunding has emerged as a more secure, decentralized, and accessible model that can potentially address these challenges.

Blockchain-based crowdfunding platforms offer several advantages over traditional crowdfunding platforms. Compared to traditional crowdfunding platforms, these platforms offer several benefits that make them attractive to both project creators and investors. One of the main advantages of blockchain-based crowdfunding platforms is their decentralization. Since there is no central authority controlling the platform, it is transparent, secure, and less susceptible to fraud and corruption. Another advantage is lower costs, as blockchain-based platforms eliminate intermediaries such as banks and payment processors, reducing transaction fees. The use of smart contracts also enables faster and more efficient transactions. Blockchain technology’s cryptographic algorithms ensure increased security and make it difficult for hackers to steal funds or manipulate data. Finally, blockchain-based crowdfunding platforms are accessible to anyone with an internet connection, enabling greater global accessibility to funding opportunities.

Crowd funding on Tilted app

Tilted App is a live streaming social commerce app based on the blockchain that offers a range of features that creators and businesses can use creatively. One of its unique features is that it allows startups to secure crowdfunding within the app. Tilted fully utlized the benefits of blockchain and goes a step further. Unlike other blockchain crowdfunding platforms, Tilted App combines community building, engagement, and crowdfunding seamlessly through live streaming, all in one platform. This makes it easier for startups to interact with their community, engage with them, and secure funding in a secure environment.

At present, web3 community’s resides on Telegram or Discord, where there are limited opportunities for community building and engaging activities, particularly for non-developers. Creating new bots may be necessary to automate specific community building and engagement tasks. Generally projects will initially build and engage with their community through Telegram, Discord and then move to a third-party platform for their initial coin offering (IGO).

Through Tilted startups can conduct their entire IGOs (Initial Game Offering) on the app while directly communicating with their community and taking advantage of the engagement tools offered by Tilted. Such as asset tokenization feature in Tilted enables investors to obtain equity or ownership in a company by contributing funds or bycompleting tasks. This crowdfunding method provides startups with fresh investment prospects while allowing them to reward their employees with partial ownership of the business. These employees can include creators, fans, or anyone willing to complete tasks to earn equity. As an example, Startup A is seeking funding for their new game and requires a team to test it and report bugs. Through Tilted, creators can connect with like-minded individuals who will test the game and report bugs, perhaps even provide solutions, and then receive tokens in exchange. This is just one the many ways start ups can grow and engage a community while raising funds and developing their product, all through Tilted.

The platform, Tilted, has been carefully designed to cater to a wide range of audiences, including both web2 and web3 users. Regardless of their background and experience, Tilted aims to provide an easy-to-navigate user journey that mirrors the traditional payment user journey. This approach has been taken to ensure that Tilted is accessible and appealing to a diverse group of creators and investors.

By maintaining a familiar user experience, Tilted can help minimize any potential barriers to entry, encouraging a broader audience to participate in the platform’s ecosystem. This accessibility can be particularly crucial for those who may not have extensive experience with cryptocurrency or blockchain technology. Ultimately, Tilted’s commitment to an inclusive and user-friendly experience can help democratize the investment process and provide opportunities for a broader range of creators to monetize their content.