Chibi Dinos is a blockchain gaming company providing the most innovative and entertaining utility for gamers and sports fans through NBA Street-Esque and Play-and-Earn gameplay. Originally, Chibi Dinos is a collection of unique NFT assets with specific attributes and traits. The collection features a set of 10,000 2D uniquely generated collectible creatures called Chibi. Boasting a robust in-game ecosystem and real-world experience and prize rewards. Chibi Dinos are redefining the definition of Play-and-Earn.

The Chibiverse includes one of the first metaverse Play-and-Earn sports games in the ecosystem — a basketball game called Primal Hoop, along with its action-adventure game, Primal Pick’em, a first-of-its-kind sports predictor leveraging the Chibi Dinos NFTs. In Primal Hoop, the Chibi Dinos all play on one of 10 different Dino-themed basketball teams captained by real-world professional NBA/WNBA players, including Terrance Mann, P.J. Washington, and more names. The Chibi Dinos Predictive Game Primal Pick’em, a game where Chibi holders can make predictions on NBA games throughout the season, earn points by getting predictions right, climb up leaderboards and compete to get promoted to higher divisions for the ultimate bragging right of being the best basketball predictor with the help of their Chibi Dinos.

Chibi Dinos has collaborated with WNBA. Its predictive game Primal Pick’em will feature WNBA games throughout the season. Chibi holders can make predictions on WNBA games, earn points by getting predictions right, climb up leaderboards, and compete to get promoted to higher divisions. This game format has been split out into ten divisions. Players compete against each other to correctly predict the answers to various questions about NBA games that week. The more questions a player gets right, the more points he/she earns. At the end of the week, depending on how each player has done, they can move up a division, down a division, or stay where they are. Chibi Dinos has set a precedent where users are never required to risk anything, and there is no cost to sign up. Chibi Dinos NFT has created a historic platform to earn without any risk of loss, giving sports and gaming communities alike, the experience they deserve.

Chibi Dinos is making substantial waves by collaborating with NBA and WNBA and as its partner as an accelerator, QGlobe has established its dependability and proven itself as a reliable company with an equally competent team that knows what builds and establishes a strong metaverse project.