The Mighty Hercules NFT collection is being launched by world-renown contemporary artist, Emre Yusufi, in collaboration with Studio Bigger, the Pixar of the Middle East and AAA metaverse development studio.

Emre Yusufi is a well-known name in the art community worldwide. Emre is a globally established contemporary sculptor and digital illustrator. He is a graduate of the Academia Italiana Fine Art School in Florence, received his B.A. from Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty of Graphic Arts, and received his M.A. from Yeditepe University of Visual Communication Design and Graphic Arts. The Turkish artist is famous for his spectacular ability to create visually impressive and theatrically bold art pieces and his works have been shown in different exhibitions and permanent installations worldwide, including nightclubs, museums, and airports. His art is well known across Europe, the Middle East and the USA.

He has been participating in international art fairs like Art Basel in Miami, museum appearances, and made some personal exhibitions and has received several awards. Many of Emre’s artworks have become part of some important art collections in Istanbul, London, Paris, Courchevel, Cannes, Luxembourg, New York, Miami, Rome, Bologna, Honfleur, St. Paul de Vance, Monaco, Spa. His works focus on re-creating Hercules in our modern daily life, which is apparent in his collection of hyper-realistic sculptures, Hercules series.

View some of Emre’s work here.

The Hercules series represents a traditional statue of Hercules accomplishing multitudes of modern activities and human tasks. When he is not posing or performing tremendous displays of ability and athleticism, Hercules can be seen intently reading, listening to music, being tattooed, and doing everyday things. Through his hyper-realistic sculptures of the ancient figure, Emre has stunned the audience with his striking and playful depiction of heroism and masculine glory.

Emre has been making modern statues of Hercules for the past 10 years. Emre and Studio Bigger are making them into an NFT collection, bridging the gap between the physical and the digital.

“For me NFT is a way to build digital bridges to my physical world. It’s a new form of showing my design approach. I always believed and loved the power of 3d and with NFTs I give movement to static sculptures. Now static has become dynamic and this gives me joy.”

The upcoming Mighty Hercules NFT Hercules is not Emre’s first entry into the NFT space. In fact, Emre has already sold several NFT collections such as the Physical NFT Milestone, worlds 1st sculpture that has an Instagram account sold for 40ETH. Needless to say, his generative NFT collection of 10k NFTs with 50 1:1 NFTs to total 10,050 NFTs are priced to sell. The pre mint is June 13th and the official mint is June 14th. This is one NFT drop that has blue chip written all over it.

Emre’s NFT Collections.

After a decade, Emre’s Mighty Hercules is finally transitioning into an NFT for the Metaverse in collaboration with Studio Bigger. Studio Bigger is a multidisciplinary studio based in Istanbul. It is the most sought after CGI studio in the web3 space as the Metaverse trend continues to grow. Studio Bigger makes Mighty Hercules come to life with a wide range of visual experience focusing art direction, motion graphics, 3D animation, production, directing, and new media. This modern mythology based NFT project born out of fine art was inevitable and is set to become the first open metaverse avatar GameFi NFT collection.