QGlobe was founded as a marketplace for developers to fund their early stage blockchain game or metaverse projects. It is the first blockchain game launchpad in the Americas that understands the nuances of the rapidly evolving MetaFi space. QGlobe connects Web3 developers, engineers and architects with community investors, industry experts, token economists, venture capital firms and financial partners. It is led by Apollo Green, founding team member of World Star Hip Hop and Sarah Austin, founding Twitch.tv community builder who became a 3x VC backed Silicon Valley entrepreneur. QGlobe offers a new way for investors to fund NFT, blockchain gaming, and metaverse projects at the Initial Game Offering (IGO) level.

In order to do this, QGlobe is building a robust industry leading Strong Holder Offering (SHO) investment platform to ensure early stage startups have a solid community of initial investors prior to their IGOs. Decentralized investment leads to a stronger support base where every investor is committed to the long term success of the projects. QGlobe is pioneering energy efficient, and flexible “Smart Contracts” that set up NFT in-game assets for longevity in the quickly evolving P2E metaverse.

QGlobe’s development team focuses on creating optimized low gas Smart Contracts that deliver low-cost minting, metadata interoperability, and off-chain presale custom built solutions with utility for each client’s needs. Through its novel fundraising platforms, Strong Holder Offering (SHO), future Dynamic Coin Offering (DYCO) product, and the QGlobe Accelerator program, it incubates the marketing, biz dev, sustainable tokenomic modeling, and technical competency for NFT Metaverse projects to gain traction.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements of QGlobe’s Strong Holder Offering platform and IGO opportunities. May the metaverse be with you.

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