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Hyperinflation; A product of Centralized Economic Systems and how the QGlobe DAO can Change this Dynamic

In anticipation of the QGlobe DAO announced in May 2022, the community has been competing for the few and limited QG role on Disord where certain privileges to accumulate more QCoin will incentivize the very early contributors to the network. The QGlobe DAO is organized and run on the QGlobe Discord channel, and anyone who wants to contribute […]

QGlobLaunchpad Radio #9 — Women Empowerment in Web3: Nifty Gateway Encouraging Inclusion, featuring Tara Harris.

On Launchpad Radio #9, QGlobe co-founder Sarah Austin hosted Tara Harris, director of collector services at Nifty Gateway to discuss women empowerment in web3. This article is a summary of the discussion. Web3 is still an emerging space that gives underrepresented women and other marginalized groups a platform for their voices to be heard. These […]

How QGlobe Will Revolutionize the NFT Metaverse Gaming Industry

QGlobe was founded as a marketplace for developers to fund their early stage blockchain game or metaverse projects. It is the first blockchain game launchpad in the Americas that understands the nuances of the rapidly evolving MetaFi space. QGlobe connects Web3 developers, engineers and architects with community investors, industry experts, token economists, venture capital firms […]

What NFTs Are Worth Picking On The NFT Marketplace?

The NFT market activity has increased dramatically this year. As NFTs continue to grow in popularity, people are now seeing them as the latest investment trend in 2021. Artists are now rejoicing as they’ve found a quicker way to monetize their works and get the recognition they deserve. And at the same time, fans and […]