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Paving the Way for Financial Inclusion: The Promise of Carrier Billing for Unbanked Users

In an era where digital transactions dominate the landscape, the unbanked population faces a significant hurdle in accessing digital goods and services due to limited payment options. While credit and debit cards have become ubiquitous in the online realm, a considerable segment of society remains without access to traditional banking facilities. This article delves into […]

Blockchain Royalties: A Game-Changer for IP Owners Amidst Generative AI Advancements

In the realm of the digital age, the rise of Generative AI has sparked both excitement and concern among intellectual property (IP) owners, particularly in the gaming industry. The development of AI-generated content, while an impressive technological feat, has introduced new challenges for protecting the rights of game developers, publishers, and studios. As AI-generated works […]

Hyperinflation; A product of Centralized Economic Systems and how the QGlobe DAO can Change this Dynamic

In anticipation of the QGlobe DAO announced in May 2022, the community has been competing for the few and limited QG role on Disord where certain privileges to accumulate more QCoin will incentivize the very early contributors to the network. The QGlobe DAO is organized and run on the QGlobe Discord channel, and anyone who wants to contribute […]