The current economic crisis has brought up bear market phenomena in the crypto and NFT markets. NFT Sales Are Flatlining, NFT trading has been on the decline since hitting an all time high of nearly 225,000 trades per day back in September of 2021. This Ethereum winter has triggered mass hesitancy in the ETH market yet has caused a BNB and Solana summer as often alt coins rally with BTC and ETH go down.

However, the gradual nature of this decline merits analysis of the compounding factors that led up until this point. Elon Musk selling his crypto, the coordinated attack on Terra LUNA, matched with the economic turndown brought by Covid19, all of which was exacerbated by the European war which in result decreased the spending power of the consumers impacted. This means that the disposable income that was once going towards playing around with stocks, crypto, and NFTs now has to go towards food, housing, and transportation in a higher concentration than before. So naturally, people are quick to sell off their assets or get into what they deem to be “safer” positions. Therefore, it only makes sense that NFTs and crypto would feel the brunt of this damage.

In this bear market, the importance of NFT Investment clubs is elevated to cope with the current economic situation and make pragmatic decisions for new users to enter the NFT market. The QGlobe Investment Club enables anyone to share investment risk, analysis, and trade information, as well as ideas and market strategy. Oftentimes, the initial community that backs a DAO converts a percentage into DAO contributors who not only invest their crypto, but also their time in exchange for DAO digital asset tokens.

Additionally, QGlobe is the only bluechip NFT marketplace offering truly unique NFTs, the world’s largest exchange by trading volume and traffic, meaning all the projects are well vetted where only the majority of projects are doxxed founders, with high quality artists that are approved to sell their art on the curated marketplace. Although the core primitive for Investment Clubs are governed by the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), where communications primarily occur on Discord and Telegram so contributors can collaborate on proposals collectively. As advanced as that idea is, the tooling is very makeshift at the moment, and structuring QGlobe ecosystem DAOs just right is worth the research and planning in advance.

With the historical trends to invest in startup companies in times of recessions, QGlobe captures the growing market by designing its infrastructure for a flexible club for both users and creators. As one part services, and depending on their specific situations and tolerance for legal ambiguities depending on the country of incorporation of the NFT project, QGlobe token economists revise and refine each project’s token structure allowing investors and users to achieve liquidity with vesting schedules that are in the best interest of decentralization and longevity for the overall success of projects. Typically QGlobe uses these vesting schedules as a way to weed out bad actors only looking to make fast cash and not in the interest of the success of the project. Certain guidelines exist for accredited and non-accredited users as well as DAOs that have members in the United States including KYC or DEX integrations with partners such as

QGlobe’s suite of smart contracts can walk users through the process of formalizing their club with a legal entity and handling things like setting up a bank account and getting tax forms to ensure safety and transparency for all. QGlobe will even advise on the DAO structure of each project and help projects transition into a DAO with coding frameworks. In the case of metaverse projects, QGlobe can provide an SDK for developers to achieve interoperability across blockchains and games in order to provide utility for the project’s tokens that will inevitably onboard new users through cross-metaverse discoverability.

QGlobe Investment club is keeping in mind the current situation and when prospecting for new investments as it urges its patrons and members to look for factors that lead to value generation such as the QPower feature where users must earn that early access discount. QGlobe is collaborating with innovators with a team that can realistically make good on the goals. And most importantly, launching bluechip NFT projects that are innovative and can prove to be excellent investments.