The gaming industry has already grown tremendously and will grow even more with metaverse and NFTs growing in popularity. On top of that, GameFi allows people not just to play but also earn at the same time, removing gaming from the category of merely a leisure activity people do for fun. This shows the gaming industry’s potential and how much growth it will see. QGlobe being an IGO launchpads is taking the lead by enabling and allowing more and more projects to develop and reach their full potential and by allowing individual investors and gamers to earn rewards and get an opportunity to get early access to a game and provides their community with the opportunity to invest in the tokens of these titles before they get listed on central exchanges.

QGlobe connects highly anticipated blockchain games with an established community for crowdsourced funding, community building, and marketing. QGlobe is on its way to spearhead mattifying gaming and metaverse projects and launch bluechip projects and top tier brands with the help of its highly skilled, multi-faceted team that offers an array of services from marketing to business development, and providing engineers that are industry leaders. Moreover, they are connecting Web3 developers, engineers and architects with community investors, industry experts, token economists, venture capital firms and financial partners and gives them a platform to embark on their Web3 endeavors. QGlobe is not just launching noteworthy projects but focusing on their longevity by adding Smart Contracts and ensuring that metadata is upgradeable and adding the Smart NFT feature in their roadmap, making the project more desirable and exclusive.

QGlobe provides coherent and holistic services to their collaborators, which leads to attracting renowned projects under their umbrella, like Boxing Boyz which is a 3D animated NFT collection of unique Boxing characters with 150 different elements that combine the real boxing world with the digital revolution through a play to earn game. Each Boxing Boy has its own skill set. Holders will be able to improve the skills of their Boxing Boy NFTs and earn $BOXING tokens by training, fighting, and otherwise participating in tournaments.The $BOXING token is also tradable and has a staking mechanism. Boxing Boyz has an impressive roadmap which also includes a Boxing Boy VR game. This project was created by a team that has deep roots in the boxing industry. By working closely with boxers and other people from this industry, a project has been created that is made by and for boxers and boxing fans. Hence, QGlobe x Boxing Boyz are bringing the boxing experience into the metaverse with their combined expertise and passion to engage and benefit their community.