On Launchpad Radio #9, QGlobe co-founder Sarah Austin hosted Tara Harris, director of collector services at Nifty Gateway to discuss women empowerment in web3. This article is a summary of the discussion.

Web3 is still an emerging space that gives underrepresented women and other marginalized groups a platform for their voices to be heard. These groups are now at the forefront of NFT communities. With many more women-focused projects becoming popular, many inclusive communities are emerging, attracting, and inspiring female empowerment. Web3 provides a chance for women unite against gender discrimination and potentially improve the gender gap in a decentralized future. Multiple web3 platforms are taking notice and making the pivot toward gender inclusivity and community building via innovation, inclusion, and empathy.

One such platform is Nifty Gateway, a blockchain-based NFT marketplace to access and enable some of today’s most sought-after fine art and collectibles. They are also making waves by encouraging gender diversity and empathy throughout their platform. They are not only helping to onboard women into the web3 space, but also helping them become successful by providing business and tokenomics advice, production resources, and other project utilities. Having an efficient yet empathetic culture is their priority and for that purpose, they have even employed real human support staff to answer questions, which is novel in the current web3 environment.

Tara Harris, Director of Collector Services at Nifty Gateway commented on their intent to endorse diverse projects, “I have a high degree of visibility into the diversity of our collector base. And it became very quickly apparent to me kind of the importance and power of that diversity. And when I talk about diversity, I’m really thinking about it from an access and inclusivity perspective. So, you know, socio-economic diversity, geographic diversity, financial ownership. And it was really important to me that I found the communities within NFT’s who were bringing this to life through the technology in really meaningful ways.”

In this way, Nifty Gateway has been a pioneer of diverse and inclusive values in web3 and their intentions are perfectly poised to enable more diversity in the industry. For example, they’ve endorsed the highly successful and strategic WOW (World Of Women) Pixies, a DAO built around uplifting women-led NFT communities. This extremely progressive project led by accomplished entrepreneur Lily Wu, has released its Roadmap 2.0 which is not just innovative but robust, collaborative, and really contributes towards building the next-generation infrastructure to support women led projects, and their careers in tech.

Crypto Tech Women, an NFT project featuring 8,888 unique collectible characters with a mission to empower, educate, and help women join the web3 space, sold out within 2 days. Founder of Crypto Tech Women, Gianina Skarlet also joined our conversation and commented that “When building community, I just really made sure that I was really enforcing my mission and enforcing the values that I have, and my community really does embody the values of inclusivity being really helpful and resourceful.”

It is evident that these and many other women-led projects are fostering these transformational diversity trends and driving inclusionary values in the web3 space. Hopefully these will become a permanent feature in the future of our entire industry.

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